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***Registration closes March 12, 2021***

Our mission is to teach Baltimore City youth how to adopt a mindset of financial wellness.

Our vision, Baltimore City youth will live a healthy financial lifestyle.



Youth are often excluded from conversations and decision making around money. It is rare that schools offer curriculum's on money management and in most households, money is considered an adult topic. The $mart Investors Club was created in 2018 to address the wealth and income disparities that exist among minority and low income families living in Baltimore City. Studies indicate that African American youth lag behind other ethnic groups in financial knowledge, income, and generational wealth. Youth that receive formal financial education tend to have better financial security and habits in adulthood (Kasman, Heuberger, & Hammond, 2018). 

Project Summary:

The goal of the $mart Investors Club is to educate youth participants about financial wellness and responsible uses of money. Our program allows youth to develop a healthy outlook and learn strategies to improve the outcomes. Through discussion and hands-on activities, youth will walk away from our program with the tools to make informed financial decisions. 

Supported by Baltimore City

Hosted by Money Talks Baltimore, LLC and fiscally Sponsored by Fusion Partnerships, Inc.

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Workshops are designed to help youth develop a healthier relationship with money


Eligibility Criteria:

Youth residing in Baltimore City and/or youth who attend a Baltimore City High School. 

Incentive: Youth with 100% attendance will receive a $50 Amazon gift card at program end. 

Registered youth will meet every Wednesday beginning March 17, 2021 -April 21, 2021

Workshops begin promptly at 7:15 PM - 8:15 PM 

1 hour workshops include learning, group chat and Q&A. 

Week One: Introductions

Topic - Money Management and Budgeting 

Week Two

Topic - Borrowing 

Week Three 

Topic - Earning Power

Week Four

Topic - Investing 

Week Five 

Topic - Financial Services 

Week Six: 

Topic - Insurance

Financial Mentorship Program

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*Registered youth only*

$mart Investor Spotlight of 2020!

Jamaya Brunson 2020.jpg

Ja'maya Brunson

Money Habitudes: Planning, Security & Spontaneous 

Financial Goal: Save $600 by Dec 31, 2020 

New skill learned from Financial Bootcamp

"to always think smart when using money" 

Congratulations to the $mart Investors Club Class of 2019!


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